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Manufacture of beds-houses for sweet dreams and fun games in the USA

Shipping to USA and Canada to the apartment FREE of charge until 30 November 2017!!

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What to do in case of detection of a marriage or incompleteness of the product after the shipment of the goods (after signing the documents on the acceptance of goods and departure of the driver-forwarder)?

In such cases, replacement of defective or missing parts is carried out by self-removal from the supplier's warehouse. Also we can offer you delivery. In case of return of the goods of the proper quality, delivery is paid. The cost of the service you can check with our operators.

Among the defects of furniture are NOT:

  • Minor differences in the shades of the colors of the furniture surface;
  • The difference between the figures used in the decoration of cabinet furniture;
  • The difference in the design of additional details, like a birdhouse, a shelf, a flower box.
  • The variability of the varnish-and-paint coating of various parts, associated with the naturalness of materials.

The warranty does not cover:

  • For products with defects that arose as a result of violations of the rules of assembly and operation (these rules are stipulated in the "Instructions for the operation of furniture");
  • On consumables needed for furniture assembly;
  • In case of presence of traces of extraneous interference into the product, as well as repair of the goods (there is due to self-repair, or interference of outside organizations or individuals).

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