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Cozy Nest

Modification: Bed-house



BukWood, Russia

Delivery time:

21-30 working days

Type of material:

Solid wood

The color of the coating:


Bed height:

225 см

Dimensions bed:

88x188 cm

Size of mattresses:

80x180 cm

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Price: 3650
3250 $
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Technical parameters

  • Stable, reliable bunk design
  • Material - natural wood birch or beech
  • Coverage - natural, certified paint suitable for contact with children
  • Bed size 80х180 cm
  • The total construction height is 225 cm
  • The height of the first tier 130 cm
  • The height of the second layer 95 cm
  • The structure dimensions 88x188 cm
  • It is possible to assemble the design in mirror view
  • Pull-out Cabinet suitable size bed
  • If the model without the drawer, then set a blank panel.
  • Bottom under the mattress for the upper bunk is birch plywood, sanded, thickness 12 mm.
  • Bottom under the mattress for the lower bed – rack.
  • The drawer is made from plywood, the front panel (facade) – solid beech. Drawer opens on wheels without the guides.
  • The ladder is removable, with 2 rounded hooks to secure. The removal of the ladder from the bed frame 25 cm
  • Shutters on the Windows with hinges – can be opened/closed.

Cozy Nest

This stylized cozy cottage bed, will appeal to all the kiddies. It formally has two beds, each of which is incredibly convenient and comfortable for sleeping and for games. But under the lower-tier integrated pull-out wardrobe which can also be used as a sleeping place, just put mataras. On the upper level there is a window in the roof especially is a big hole that the baby fell light and it was not scary to be in his house. Roof halt semi-transparent fabric, which is suitable for coloring, as the boy and the girl. So, if you wish, our artist write your child's name on the crib.

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Мы осуществляем доставку по всей России, в любую точку вашего города. Мы сотрудничаем с транспортными компаниями Деловые Линии и ГлавДоставка, которые позволяет осуществлять перевозки наших кроваток в оптимальные сроки и по доступной стоимости для Вас.

Доставка кроватки осуществляется в кратчайшие сроки – от 21 до 30 рабочих дней.

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*Стоимость бесплатной доставки по Москве и Московской области (не более 20 км от МКАД) распространяется на все заказы оформленные начиная с 21.11.2016 включительно.

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