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We know that quality materials, what we surround our children is one of the most important components of their health and harmonious development. The main objective of our company is production of quality and safe furniture for children.

Environmentally friendly materials and hardware

Sometimes, people do not think about how important it is to use eco-friendly home furnishings. Let's consider an example. The child may often sick, complaining of fatigue and headache, but parents would drive him from doctor to doctor, and they shrug. And none of them will assume that the reason is not a weak immune system, not fatigue and not the environment( although it is partly, too). Everything is much more prosaic. The reason is the coating of children's furniture, the design of which is so carefully chose the whole family. The reason may lie in the materials, such as certain types of chipboard. Who every day are in close proximity to the child and, slowly but surely poisoning his body. Our experts have done a great job, studied the whole range of existing coatings and paints. The choice is stopped at the most eco-friendly and wear-resistant samples that we cover our furniture.We use paint and water-based varnishes, which are odorless, passed all tests and can be applied in institutions.

Solid wood of valuable species - beech or birch

For the production of our beds we use only solid wood of valuable species - beech. About the properties of natural wood, everyone knows from childhood. Beech we use is grown in the Krasnodar region, carefully processed, dried and ready to take long service. Why is the beech core material? This is a very durable wood that allows the furniture to carry long service, not rasstavayas and without deformation. And when you consider that the main users of our furniture are always active kids, this is a powerful argument in favor of this material. Our bunk beds weigh about 130 kg and that's just the frame!

Unique and exclusive design

But not only the sustainability and durability of materials make our furniture special. Probably the main distinguishing feature is the design. Our loft beds are made in the form of houses, where small people can find their own cozy corner, a quiet place. Remember yourself as a child who did not build tents out of chairs and blankets? You can give your child a whole world of gaming, only his personal space. As psychologists say, kids just need a place the baby will feel in safety and to outline its own terms, which is so important for the formation of a free and strong personality. Especially if it is not one child in the family. We offer different variations of the functional arrangement of the houses, both for one and for two and even three children. We will be happy to help you with choosing the best option for your family.

The durability, convenience and quality design

All designs and materials have quality certificates, and our experts every day work to improve technology. We are happy to give your children positive emotions. The children open the door back to my childhood, and we, in turn, can decorate their world with the brightest colors.

Certificates of conformity

We take seriously the safety of Your children, so the design of all our beds have passed the certification system "international quality standard".

Photos from the production

The professionalism and quality of equipment - a pledge of reliability and security