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My Place

Modification: Single storey house



BukWood, Russia

Delivery time:

21-30 working days

Type of material:

Solid wood

The color of the coating:


Bed height:

145 см

Dimensions bed:

88x188 cm

Size of mattresses:

80x180 cm

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(+500 $)

Additional color:

(+170 $)


(+250 $)

Build beds:

(+2500 $)
2950 $
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Technical parameters

  • Robust, reliable design
  • Material - natural wood beech
  • Coverage - natural, certified paint suitable for contact with children
  • Bed size 80х180 cm
  • The total construction height is 145
  • The structure dimensions 88х188 cm
  • It is possible to assemble the design in mirror view
  • Pull-out Cabinet suitable size bed
  • If the model without the drawer, then set a blank panel.
  • Bottom under the mattress for the bed – rack.
  • The drawer is made from plywood, the front panel (facade) – solid beech.
  • Drawer opens on wheels without the guides.
  • Shutters on the Windows with hinges – can be opened/closed.

My Place

This bed has one level, but it is not inferior in beauty and comfort to their duplex brothers beds - houses presented on our website.

This model will certainly fit little dreamers - close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful castle, and maybe on the island, in a hut of traveler? Your child will be able to play and present themselves to anyone as they exercise their imagination. For convenience, under the bed is a roll-out wardrobe which can be used as a sleeping place, just put the mattress. Size mattress for extendable section is the same as the selected bed.

Shipping information

Мы осуществляем доставку по всей России, в любую точку вашего города. Мы сотрудничаем с транспортными компаниями Деловые Линии и ГлавДоставка, которые позволяет осуществлять перевозки наших кроваток в оптимальные сроки и по доступной стоимости для Вас.

Доставка кроватки осуществляется в кратчайшие сроки – от 21 до 30 рабочих дней.

Доставка по Москве и Московской области (не более 20 км от МКАД) - БЕСПЛАТНО*

*Стоимость бесплатной доставки по Москве и Московской области (не более 20 км от МКАД) распространяется на все заказы оформленные начиная с 21.11.2016 включительно.

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